Shiloh Deliverance Church International (SDCI) is a place where God’s glory and power is experienced in every service.  Our praise and worship creates an atmosphere where God is able to do amazing things.  The Word is taught and preached by anointed servants and all who attend leave richer because of the grace that rests upon the Shiloh Deliverance Church International.


Our Pastors                                 

Profile of Apostle Bobby Bracy


Is the Set Man of Shiloh Deliverance Church Int’l., where the Lord has graciously anointed & appointed him Senior Apostle/Pastor and Founder.  He shepherds with his loving wife Dr. Carolyn Bracy, and together they have served as Pastors for 28 years. 


They are a wonderful expression of God’s example for marriage.  Apostles Bobby & Carolyn Bracy have been married 48 years.  They have five children, and twelve grandchildren and six grandchildren.  Three of their children serve with them in ministry.


 Apostle Bobby Bracy served under the Late Apostle V. Benjamin Washington of the Trinity Deliverance Church in Detroit Michigan, and was licensed as a Minister on May 29th 1983, ordained as an Elder on January 31st 1988, and installed as Pastor of the Shiloh Deliverance Church on December 3rd 1989.


In addition to the Pastorate and teaching at his local church, Apostle Bobby trains Ministers, Teachers, Evangelists’ and those who are called to the Office of Pastor, as well as administering apostolic oversight to Ministries in the United States and Canada.  


Apostle Bracy received his Doctor of Divinity Degree from Detroit International School of Ministry on November 2nd 2002, and was formally ordained to the office of Apostle on August 29th 2009.


Apostle Bobby Bracy’s mandate is to Advance the Kingdom Of God with Accuracy and Momentum!

Profile of Pastor Carolyn Bracy, DD


    Apostle Carolyn Bracy is Co-Senior Pastor/Founder of Shiloh Deliverance Church, Int’l where she serves with her husband Apostle Bobby Bracy.   She is a native of Detroit and has served in ministry over three decades, ministering throughout the U.S. and Canada. 


          Apostle Carolyn proclaims a powerful message of liberty, bringing deliverance to them that are captive and ministers hope to the hopeless with her message “Hope Thou in God”.  She hosts yearly “Women’s Advance” to build up Virtuous Women everywhere.


Because of her walk with the Lord over the past three decades, and because of God’s grace and anointing Apostle Carolyn is used mightily in ministry.  She is an excellent teacher, God also uses her prophetically and in other spiritual gifts.   


 Apostle Carolyn has received numerous recognitions and certifications from the City of Detroit. She holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and is a graduate of Detroit Business Institute.  She has dedicated her life to study and  training and has obtained various diplomas, certificates of graduation and has committed numerous years of studies including Clinical Pastoral Care; Business Management, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counseling and Family Counseling


Apostle Carolyn has birthed other ministries such as “From a Mothers Heart” an intercessory prayer ministry


          Apostle Carolyn firmly believes that “Revelation + Application = Manifestation.”  Apostle Carolyn says that just one revelation from God, applied daily to our lives will result in a manifestation of God’s power and a glory in our lives!